I can build your deck, dock and boathouse at Lake Anna. We have extensive experience in building structures in deep water. Our unique capabilities allow pilings to be driven in water depth up to fifty feet. We typically drive piles 7 to 13 feet into the bottom to protect the boathouses from damage during frozen periods. The Enterprise (shown below) is owned by Ramsey Construction. It is the only vessel on lake Anna capable of providing you a boathouse that will be guaranteed to last for a long time regardless of the ice conditions.

The Enterprise weighs 18 tons with a hammer weight of 2500 pounds.  We have driven 18″ diameter x 45′ long wood poles in soft ground.   Also we have driven 60′ long fiberglass poles for the Broadway boathouse.  Where there is a large amount of mica-schist exposure we drive 6″ wide flange galvanized steel  beams.  We did this for the McLatchy and Berry boat houses and the Rogers sea wall.  We have also built multiple smaller boathouses in shallow water.

As for my personal experience I worked for 6 years in the DC area as a union carpenter.  I then went to college and studied architecture for 3 years.  After which I took a job as a superintendent traveling all over the country and out of the country overseeing multimillion dollar projects.  I was taught in the commercial field to build things above and beyond code which I have carried over into my boat houses and other projects.  I grew tired of traveling so I built the Enterprise in my back yard and started Ramsey Construction.  I have a Class “A” license,  I do the jobs on the lake that no one else can consider doing properly.


The boathouses we construct are truly spectacular. We can develop design specifications to match your needs and desires. We can then turn those designs into the best looking and most durable boathouses on Lake Anna. Below is an example of our work.

Brian's BoathouseBerry boathouse Harrison Boathouse Harrison rowing skull house Rogers dock expansion Rogers sea wall